Razor’s new Laptop with Three Monitors

Razer isn’t skimping on these displays either, as the three monitors are all 17-inch 4K with Nvidia’s G-Sync anti-screen tearing technology enabled, which add up to a resolution of 11520 x 2160 with Nvidia’s Surround View. To make things more impressive, you won’t have to fiddle about with hinges or clips. The monitors are deployed automatically and lock into place in just a few seconds.


As for the specs, you’ll find a GTX 1080 inside, of course, 32GB of RAM, and the fancy vapor-chamber cooling solution found inside the Razer Blade Pro which stops heat building up too high. It’s got the same mechanical keyboard as the Blade Pro as well.

Of course, with all that extra bulk that means that Project Valerie is about twice as thick as the Razer Blade Pro at 1.5-inches when it’s all folded up, but this really only puts it line with other similar gaming laptops since the Blade is so thin to start with.

Like we said, this is merely a concept laptop, but one does actually exist. Just don’t expect to be able to buy one any time soon, and even if it does go on sale, it’s not exactly going to be cheap. The Razer Blade Pro alone costs $3,700, so add another couple of 4K displays on top of that at least.

Cast your mind back to 2014 and Razer’s announcement of Project Christine, an insanely modular gaming PC. It looked awesome, but never saw the light of day. Still, seeing the crazy stuff hardware companies come up with behind the scenes is always fun, and the announcement video which might be mistaken for a Pacific Rim 2 trailer is almost worth it by itself.


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  1. hussain says:

    Is this first Laptop ever made with 3 monitors


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